St. James
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Coming Events
Spring 2018
May 1st – Spaghetti Dinner – 5:30 – 7:00pm, Youth Fundraiser for Clay 2018

May 2nd
– Shared Ministry Meeting – Ellice Township

May 4th
– Stag and Doe for Val and Nigel

May 5th
– 90th Birthday Open House for Elisabeth Hohnsbein

May 5th
– Baptism

May 6th
– Nith Valley Youth Worker joins us for worship

May 6th
– Worship Meeting

May 10th
– Ascension Worship – Trinity Lutheran Church, New Hamburg

May 12th
– Cleaning Day at St. James

May 12th
– Wedding at St. James

May 13th
– Mother’s Day Worship – Pastor Doug Reble preaching

May 19th
– Youth Event: Games Night in Stratford

May 21st
– Victoria Day Garage Sale at the church