St. James
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pastor's Message
The world seems to be filled with anger, destruction, and grief. It permeates our news,
our Twitter and Facebook feeds and a lot of our conversations. This October as we approach
the season of Thanksgiving, it would be easy to be negative, but even during these hard times,
there are things to give thanks for.

I give thanks daily for the people of St. James, New Dundee. What a blessing it is to
serve as your pastor. You are a church that is focussed on community and caring and you are
never afraid to step up and help. You are the perfect mix of embracing tradition and looking
ahead to what is new and to find where God is calling us to help. You are beacons of grace in a
harsh world and I really do thank God daily for all of you.

A couple of weeks ago, I was made aware of one of the people of St. James doing some
extraordinary ministry. Erika Lade moved to Whales for school and she noticed right away that
her new neighborhood had many homeless people roaming around. There were many young
people her age as well as others and she decided to action. She went to the pound store (just
like our dollar store) and decided to buy food, make it and share it with her neighbors.

This is pretty cool. A young member of St. James living out the gospel by feeding hungry
people. I was so impressed, I wanted to participate and hearing Erika’s story, I expect you may
want to participate too. On thanksgiving Sunday, along with feeding people in our
neighborhoods by filling our foodbank bags and bringing them to church, we can also help Erika
feed people by dropping some cash in a container at the back of the church that we will send to
Erika to feed the people in her neighborhood too.

So much to be thankful for in our lives, even through pain, grief, disasters, and threats of
war, we can still give thanks to our God for the goodness around us.

I give thanks for you and the ministry you do in your neighborhood – God’s love in

Pastor Bonnie
October 2017