St. James
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pastor's Message
Over the winter this year my mother has been working away at a quilt for me. I have seen her
make quilts before but since I this quilt is going to be for me I was paying more attention to the
process and I have discovered that to make a quilt is a lot of work.

The quilt went in as soon as the Christmas tree came down and the quilt came out of its frame
just last week. It is a king size quilt so larger than any other quilt my mother has made. This
was not the only challenge for my mom to overcome with this big quilt. The border of this quilt
is black which is harder to see. Another challenge was that the panels had flowers, and hearts,
and leaves, and vines which means A LOT of quilting in each panel.

All of these obstacles were overcome by mother in a few ways. The first was perseverance.
She just worked away at the quilt whenever she had some free time. She sat in her back room
watching the winter while leaning on her quilt frames and working away. One stich at a time,
all the way across the quilt until it was time to turn and then she started again. Once and a
while someone would stop by to help. My great aunt Mary came to add her tiny perfect
stiches. My mom’s friends came to help out too. She spent an afternoon with my sister at the
quilt even though she hadn’t quilted in years and finally, she even convinced me to put a stitch
in as well. All of us working together to make this piece of art. Years of friendship, family, and
memories all built into one perfect quilt that I can’t wait to display every day.

As we enter into Holy Week and head towards the Easter celebrations, we can appreciate the
perseverance, artistry and intricacy of our faith story. This history of 2000 years of Easter
morning Worship Services celebrating the core of our faith – Jesus death, resurrection and
ascension – for us. The great sacrifice that God made through Jesus Christ, and the triumph of
that sacrifice. The beautiful work of art it has created. So much depth, love and grace put into
this story. So many hands that have participated. All these years and the Easter story has not
lost any power, it has endured thousands of rulers and empires. It has been told for hundreds
of generations, and still it the best story ever told and the greatest promise ever given.

Like a quilt that holds so much history, gives so much warmth, and is a piece of art, our faith
story is all those things and so much more. Our faith story covers us completely, warms our
souls, and offers us everything – it offers us life eternal.

Pastor Bonnie
Spring 2018